New Haircut for Seth…

Our son Seth has a lot of very beautiful but fine hair and it grows ridiculously fast. He has had about 6 haircuts already in his 22 months of life, many of which I was only ok with.  So when my brother said he could do it, I took him up on it. He often cuts his own hair and really does a great job. I had no concerns that Cosmin would somehow mess Seth’s hair up and not having to pay for a haircut was a huge incentive.

It was a bit tricky with Seth… not sure what the cause of his impatience and tears was as he has always done a great job when getting his hair cut. But yesterday he kept saying “gata” every couple of minuted (gata means done in Romanian), I would have to tell him NO not yet. We ended up having to take a couple of breaks  and by the end he was crying quite a bit and asking for mommy non stop. Poor Cosmin felt so bad and wanted to end the haircut but I told him not to buy so quickly into Seth’s tears because as he saw later the moment Seth got what he wanted his tears ceased. It’s funny to me how quickly he can turn his tears on and off depending on his circumstances. He used to be able to manipulate me a bit more but now unless he got hurt and there is some validity behind his tears… I try to not coddle him too much.

I did a bit of documentation of the haircut process and am going to share the photos here keep in mind they are taken with my iPhone camera. You will see in the collages how unhappy Seth is about getting his hair cut, but the moment he is released and can be free to snoop around his new surroundings all tears are gone.

Cosmin hard at work and Seth being such a trooper

ck out the progress… it's such a huge difference to me

Finally Done!!!

All Styled Up!

I want to also share that on the coffee table in Cosmin’s apartment there was a hard bound book on French Macarons with a beautiful photograph of Macarons, when Seth saw this book, he would not stop asking for a cookie. I was so glad Cosmin had brought 2 of them home in anticipation of Seth’s visit. What a great uncle. Luke was with us too and overall did pretty good but there were moments of fussiness and tears from him as well. I have to say that I got a bit overwhelmed with not being able to console both my boys at the same time. I think being a mom of two is much harder than I had anticipated and I can’t even begin to imagine what you do when you have more and are outnumbered. 🙂

Ooh… Macarons!!!

waiting for big brother to finish his cookies… I bet he will be a Macaron lover in a few months too.

Later, on our way home from the Pearl, we stopped in to pick up the hat that I had ordered for Luke from my friend Simona Dan. He is so cute in it and it fits him perfectly. He will be wearing this hat on Sunday at his baby dedication. It will be our first time back at the Romanian Church in I believe 5 months or so. I hope both boys behave themselves, usually we go to an American church and Seth gets to go to the daycare during the service so he is not used to sitting in church for a whole 2 hours service. Thank God both our families will be there and he will have lot’s of laps to sit on.

his new little hat...

we had such a busy day and didn’t get back home until 2:30. Seth had fallen asleep in the car and got about a 30 min nap and when I finally got home to put him down for his nap he was done. Did not want to sleep anymore. Need I say that he slept very poorly last night. All my fault for cramming so much stuff in one morning. I’ve long learned that when my boys get their naps during the day, it means they sleep awesome at night. I don’t make this mistake often though, it is way too hard to wake up in the middle of the night for two kids.



PS. so excited for my date with Chris tonight. 🙂 I have babysitters (my sisters) coming over in a couple of hours and we get 4 hours off. so cool!!!


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