Seth’s new blankie!

My little big boy Seth is 2 months away (today) from being 2 years old. I just can’t believe that he is growing up so fast. I am so impressed with what he can do so far. You should see him with any iPod, iPhone or iPad. it’s ridiculously amazing to see how well acquainted he is with technology. he is so my kid!!!

A project I have had on my mind for quite some time is to make Seth a bigger blanket for his crib. And today I was finally able to go to the fabric store and pick up fabric for the new blanket for Seth. He loves to cover himself in the middle of the night and his little baby blankets just won’t do anymore. I had made a blanket for my friend Tab and her new baby boy and I knew that I wanted to do something very similar for Seth. He loves everything that looks like a ball, and circles look like balls to him. So I picked a fun colorful fabric with circles all over in different colors and sizes. for the back I picked a solid color, both fabrics are chenille and – oh so soft. After getting home from a date at cafe sip’n play, I put Seth down for a nap and with Luke well fed and comfy in his swing, I got started on the blanket project.

here is the process in pictures:

start by laying fabrics together with the right sides inside, i didn’t do this but I would recommend pinning all edges together to make sure the sides don’t slip and you get uneven edges as you’re sewing.

when sewing make sure that you sow in enough so that when you turn the fabric right side out you don’t see the unprinted edge of you pattern fabric. i usually give myself 1-1.5 inches.
I chose to round the corners as i like the look better. at the end of your four sides make sure to leave at least 3 inches un-sewen so you can turn your blanket right side out. than you just finish the last few inches by hand.
here it is all finished and pretty – only took about 45 min with all the prep work and photos. so quick and so cute. wouldn’t you say…
when Seth woke up I ran to his room all excited and told him I made him something and that I wanted to show him. he got all excited and kept repeating show me, show me, show me. Here he is all wrapped up in his new blanket which he absolutely loved. Aww… it just did my heart good to see him excited over his new blankie.
then just because mr. Luke needs a little face time – here he is wrapped up in his brother’s blanky. I will be making him one too when he is old enough to have a blankie in bed with him.

Hope you enjoyed this, it was so much fund making it as well as rewarding seeing my son’s face when he saw his new blankie. It will make me so happy to see him wrapped up in it tonight when he goes to sleep.



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