a bit about my day…

Just had my first day of work – back at it after 4 months of maternity leave. I was so nervous about it and at the same time very excited. The only thing hanging over me was this influenza A virus i’ve been dealing with for the last 4 days (my family doctor literally just called me an hour ago to let me know i tested positive for the influenza A virus). I really didn’t think i should be going to work sick and that was before I knew what kind of virus I was sick with. Apparently I am contagious up to a week after initial symptoms show up. I want to make it known that I was extremely diligent about wearing a mask and washing my hands constantly, plus I used sanitizer like every 1/2 hour just to cover all my bases.
The day was wonderful, first of all it was low key only 5 patients instead of 8 (2 cancelled and one showed up 1 hour late for her appointment so we rescheduled her) I think I was a little rusty with the first appointment, it took me a few extra minutes but by the next appointment I was able to catch up and even finish early. my dentist was like – you did the fmx (full mouth x-rays) and cleaning already??? haha… just like riding a bike I say.
I realized today that work will definitely be an escape for me, I tell you this, taking care of two little boys is way more challenging then my job, WAY!!! but it is WAY more rewarding spending my time with the boys. I missed seth and luke like crazy. this month my work schedule is pretty low key, I only work 2 days the whole month. Next month I start at my other office and I will be doing 2 days a week almost every week.
ok on to some cool news…
today… the new Nikon D800 is out on the market. I’ve been so excited about this camera and can’t wait to check it out for myself. I think I may rent it this summer to test it out. I am in the process of saving for it as we speak, but I have a long road ahead of me, this baby doesn’t come cheap. the cool think that I just read about this camera is that it will take both FX and DX lenses – I have one of each… I was nervous about my DX 35mm I bought last year, but now that Nikon was so smart as to make a FX camera that will accept both types of lenses there is no loss on my part. how very cool of Nikon to do that with the d8000.

and finally some photos
here are 4 of them taken last weekend. love the way she looks -absolutely gorgeous. I’m just a bit jealous. 😉


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