one of my favorite spots in the city-

for the past two weeks I’ve gotten away one night every week.
i don’t go too far but i do have lots of fun.
my brother lives in one of my favorite spots in the city – The Pearl District.
The Pearl is an area that has a lot to offer. really wonderful inner city parks, awesome cafes and yummy restaurants to please anybody’s taste palate plus one of my favorite stores ever Anthropologie.

this last saturday night i got to try out a cute little pizza restaurant called Hot Lips. i have to say that since i’m on a pretty strict diet – getting rid of all that baby weight that i so enjoyed putting on – i didn’t get to try the pizza. however the ambiance was just what we were looking for. we took a pack of cards and while my brother and sister enjoyed their pizza and me my cup of coffee and diet approved meal, we played and laughed till our sides hurt. at one point i pulled out my laptop and looked around for a plug in -there it was right by my sister’s chair, well within reach – i literally screeched out loud – i got such a funny smirk out of de’j. she inquired if i was in fact high ;P. i explained to her that getting these evenings off with no responsibilities, i guess i am more uninhibited and get excited over little things like the plug within my laptops reach.

after our time at Hot Lips cosmin parted ways with us – but not before he shared his flu with me-
de’j and i spent some time taking some photos of the city in the dark. i have never really taken photos at night as i don’t yet own a tripod and with how cold it was out i wouldn’t have wanted to get that set up anyway. still i find that i like some of these shots a lot and mostly because they are of the city that i love, someday i hope to own a small little apartment here, where i can come and stay and enjoy the city life whenever i want. who knows when that will be but it is on the list and the hubby is well aware of it. 🙂


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