photography practice – photo shoot of luke

i keep saying that i need more practice with my camera, i say it and truly want to make it happen
in fact i even turned my purse into a camera bag so that i can cart my dslr with me everywhere i go.
well the fact of the matter is that with two little ones it is so hard to manage them and also plan to take photos. in fact it’s pretty impossible to do anything of a daily thing regarding photography – other than iphone photos that is…

so today when i put seth down for his nap and saw all the light streaming in the window of our master bedroom i knew that it was perfect timing to grab luke and do a little shoot. i have been wanting to take some shots of him in this little pajama set i got him last week. found it at a little thrift store and when i saw it I knew it would be great in photos.

So today working with a very short time frame – due in part to the sun going down and luke being hungry and cranky I got a little shoot in. not all shots are crisp and in focus, as you can imagine he was squirming every which way – the perfectionist side of me only wanted to include the shots i thought turned out like i wanted them to but the mom side of me included some shots that are not technically perfect but oh so darn sweet.
they are in gallery format so once you click on one you will bee able to scroll through the larger images.


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