family time = quality time

Had such a wonderful day yesterday.

For the first time since having my 2nd baby I got to spend almost a whole day pretty much “kid-free”. I had lined up my mom to watch the boys in the morning so that I could meet up with my friend Rona for coffee. Rona and I go back to our hygiene school days and we make a point to meet every few months for a quick coffee/recap date. She is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met and am so blessed to have her in my life. After our short date I headed north to visit another very good friend.

I got to see my very close friend who just had a beautiful baby boy a few weeks ago. I was so excited to see both of them and really excited to see how little Ronan had grown in these last 2.5 weeks since his birth. Tabi being the very sweet lady she is had him all dressed up for me in one of the outfits I had gotten for him earlier on in her pregnancies. He looked so stinkin’ cute I had to snap a photo(s) of him and his mommy with my phone. After 2+ hours talking about anything and everything I had to say goodbye and head home to my own little munchkins.

new momma Tabi and baby Ronan

After my morning out and about I picked up my boys and headed home to clean the house and make dinner before hubby came home. The plan for the evening was that hubby would take over the babysitting duties and I would head out to meet my sister downtown. Well he called me to tell me he was running late and so we decided that I would meet downtown and swap cars so that I could go hang out with my sister. That ended up working out perfectly the boys cooperated so nicely, I could not have planned or asked for a better transition.

It was to have been just my sister Andreia and I but we ended up having my brother Cosmin and our youngest sister De’j join us as well. We met up at a coffee-house to get coffee (my 2nd coffee of the day) and chat for a while, then met our brother at Justa Pasta a little italian restaurant (my first time there) it was so yummy. We were talking taking lots of photos and just joking around the table. The funny part was that at one point we were all on our iPhones doing one thing or another it was hilarious I had to get a shot of it. We are living in a very technology driven age.

love this family of mine and although we all live in the same town we’re not close enough to see each other all that often so when we do get together we always have a blast.

the 3 of us sisters

my siblings on their iPhones during dinner.

bobi and andreia

Cosmin and I

me and lil' sis

4 Comments on “family time = quality time

    • It really is and I feel that it’s so much harder to ask someone to watch 2 babies so I don’t end up doing it very much at all. And therefore I end up craving that time that much more.

  1. Love my siblings. Wish Eddie and Dariu would join sometime and we would be complete. A.


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