nap time interuption

today… after reading a few posts on clickinmoms I decided to try to capture some photos of Luke while he was sleeping… haha.
the moment he heard the shutter on my camera he woke up. but I love the shots I got.
 I love love love them  –  my beautiful, absolutely sweet little angel gave me the cutest faces, it’s like he was doing just as i asked…

There were two light sources – light from the window and light from the kitchen overhead lights, totally different temps casting a different glow on Luke’s face.
well being an amateur in both photography and editing I really tried to work these out in post processing and after a lot of tweaking this way and that – I decided that for most of my photos b&w was the way to go.

the funny part about this whole thing is that since i started shooting in manual i’ve been trying to be very aware of all my settings and making sure all was kosher. 😉
well the last time i used my camera was two nights ago during the snow fall at 8:30 pm
i had bumped up the iso to like 3200 and totally forgot all about it.
so that is why even after the editing there is still quite a bit of noise in most of the photos.

i learned -always, always make sure to reset my camera after each time i use it.


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