the 2nd time around…

here’s what’s been happening in my neck of the woods…
we are in the middle of week 2 of baby luke’s life
 we’ve had chris home for the whole 2 weeks
and it has been such a pleasure and a help.
the first week flew by pretty uneventful
we got to get into a routine with little luke
getting used to the few hours of sleep in between feedings
not as scary bad as the first time
I think our bodies remembered how it works
that was a very nice surprise and very much appreciated
I also managed to take my first mini-photo shoot of luke
now on to week 2.
luke continues his adjustment to this new world he is in
seth adjusting to sharing our attention 😉 
we also got our tree…
my mom watched the kiddos so chris and i got to spend a fun afternoon hunting down the perfect tree for our home.
lights on
thanks to my bro here is our tree decorated 
sorry so dark but photo taken w/iphone
 little photo shoot of seth with some nuvrei french macarons.

 sweetest big boy ever
i love the expression on his face
when this kid is happy it’s absolutely contagious

 look at him chow down on that orange macaron

 done with the orange and onto pistachio

 then it was the raspberry

 hmm… not sure whether to go with the pistachio again or the rose macaron

 looks like pistachio won out 😉

macarons yeah!
so happy now that he just enjoyed 4 whole macarons back to back. 
can you say sugar rush…

 so after all that… we’ve been enjoying time at home
since it’s winter time and very cold outside
other than the house we have also taken a few trips to the mall with the boys
important for seth to expend some of that toddler energy that seems to have no bounds.
ck him out

here is seth dancing away right before our trip to the mall today

and here is a clip of our new little angel luke taken last week

and with that i say goodnight.


2 Comments on “the 2nd time around…

  1. awww, loved reading the update, and especially watching the videos. seth is quite the dancer; i especially love the 'hand' move! and your little man luke is so stinking precious! i cannot wait to meet him this weekend. 🙂


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