Plans and such…

Sick day today… I didn’t make it in to work and so as I was around the house and didn’t make it one step outside, I did a bit of thinking and planning for Set’s upcoming birthday party.
I realize that this is a much bigger deal for me than for Seth but I really want to make it fun for kids and adults alike.
I’ve been thinking about a couple of fun and unique games to play and the prizes to go alongside. I am so excited to report on how things went and post photos. 
This little collage that I created today I was hoping to turn into something but then decided against it so since I’m not gonna use it I am gonna post it up here.
The party is the 16th… I can not wait and I hope that I can pull it together with no hiccups.
P.S. Seth made his first step today, yay!!!

2 Comments on “Plans and such…

  1. I am sure that the party will turn out great, B! I've heard that saying before, about how the 1st birthday is really for the parents and not for the child. I think it's for both. You only turn 1 once, might as well make it special, right? Also let us not forget that this is also the time to celebrate and congratulate yourself and hubby for being such great parents and surviving the 1st year. This is a huge milestone not just for Seth but for you and Hubby too. 🙂


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