First Hair Cut

Two weeks to go till my little man turns ONE!!!

 It was about time for my little guy to get his hair cut and finally that happened today. It was done by Monica Marteau at Fada salon in downtown Portland Oregon. This is a top notch salon that has the best hair stylist the NW has ever seen and her name is Monica she is from Paris and does not disappoint in her technique. I’ve had my hair cut by Monica many times and I’ve always been very pleased, she has a very personal approach to her work studying your face and really gauging what would suit you best. 
She has such and eye and talent that personally I am afraid to go see anyone else for my haircuts. I got spoiled by her. She was so sweet to give Seth his first hair cut as a gift and she did an amazing job.

Seth had a blast I mean he loved every moment and Monica really did an awesome job about being quick but still making sure that she gave Seth a very stylin’ but age appropriate  hair due.
The other person in the photos besides Seth and Monica is my brother Cosmin who wanted to help out with the haircut and hold Seth’s head still while Monica trimmed around the ears and such.  🙂
Here’s the story in Photographs


11 Comments on “First Hair Cut

  1. oh my goodness, i could just die! i can't believe he was able to sit still and actually get his hair cut at a salon – what a good boy!! i LOVE his cut and new do! what a handsome little man!! 🙂

  2. OMG, I think I am about to cry just looking at the before and after photos. He looks all grown up on the "after" photo, just like a big boy! Monica did an awesome job! He is so handsome!

  3. That is fabulous! Turn that into a story board and PRINT it! What a great story for the wall 🙂

  4. oh my gosh!!! he looks ADORABLE!!! i love love love the haircut!!parker is so far away from needing a haircut, it's hilarious. ah well.

  5. You really have some fabulous captures here. He is adorable and looks so cute with his new haircut. Thanks for linking up!

  6. OK, i loved Seth before the hair cut, but now… Oh My… I don't know if its just how good you took the pictures of him or what… but he is to die for… & also, congrats on the new pregnancy… I am happy for the both of you, (I hope its a girl) Also, have you tired Hotwire for tickets? thats what Chris and I always use and it seems that they have some good Prices… & Bing is nice to keep an eye on because they tell you if tickets are going up or down.. Enjoy your trip, you deserve it.


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