My Top 5 Of Seth

So  a while ago I committed to this little contest that I found through a blog I follow Clickitupanotch so I am now getting it posted since the deadline is coming up.

here go my top 5 favorite photos of Seth from this year. It was so stinking hard to choose just 5.
The reason behind picking these specific 5 is that they really tell the story of who he is, the many sides of his little personality and also the things he was dealing with at the time. 
I will add more about each photo soon…

click on the links bellow to visit these awesome sites:

Amber's ArticlesNapTime MomTog
Click it Up a Notch

5 Comments on “My Top 5 Of Seth

  1. He is so handsome. I love the drool dripping from his chin. i love the tenderness of the second photo too. He looks very focused.Thanks ffor linking up with us

  2. What a sweetie! Love the lashes in the black and white! He is adorable!! I also love his expression in the 4th one!! Too cute!! Thanks for linking up :O)


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