Teething + Other Baby Woes.

It never fails, when I am at a loss for a good restaurant Thai food wins hands down.
last night my hubby and I had a wonderful time with a couple of friends whom we haven’t seen in a very long time over some amazing Thai food.
It feels nice to reconnect with old friends no matter how much time has passed.  I am so excited for the news  they shared with us, I know God has an amazing plan for their life.
This weekend is shaping up to be a very lazy weekend at home.
My little guy has been teething for a week and has also come down with a cold.
This started last Sunday and it has now been almost a complete week, and he is progressively getting worse.
His cold symptoms are much worse then last Monday and he sleeps in only short bursts.
When he is awake he is crying half the time and whining the other half.
Is this normal?
Do all kids go through this while teething? I guess I never really thought about what it would be like but oh boy… No me gusto!
I feel so bad for him, he is supper congested so he has a hard time breathing and he is coughing a lot, however the highest his temp has gotten is 100.3 which is really not a fever but more like a slight elevated temperature.
I feel so bad for the little man and I am at a loss for how to keep him comfortable.
Anyone have any remedies or advice?

3 Comments on “Teething + Other Baby Woes.

  1. Awww, I feel for your little man. We suspect N is cutting her upper front teeth too. She is doing exactly what Seth is doing… Crying if not whining. She is also so needy and clingy the past days. She was also like this for a couple of weeks before she cut her bottom teeth. Yesterday she also has a bit of a temperature at 100.3 but it went away, thank god! I know that it sucks to medicate but when she is already wailing while looking so tense chewing on anything in sight, we put a little bit of Baby Orajel on her top gums and she calms down almost immediately. Hope their teeth show up soon… our poor babies! 😦

  2. Bobi-The teething stuff you mentioned is all normal. Usually cold symptoms come with teething too. Unfortuntely there isn't a huge remedy. Use baby meds to keep them comfy and help them sleep, Oragel, and lots of cold teething rings. You might also try cold wet rag that he can chew on. Usually with my triplets that I care for they love the teething rings. I literally take all of them out of the freezer put them all over the floor for them to crawl to and they go at it! Oragel is also helpful! Apply a dose like 20 min before bed and it does wonders. Lots of cuddling helps too! Hang in there! Teething is horrid!


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