Birthday Fun

Had a great day today with my extended family, we celebrated my cousin’s daughter’s 3rd birthday and I have to say that it was my first time going to a kids b-day party. Can you say chaos… and of course a lot of laughter and fun for all. Seth had a blast to say the least. He has never really hung out with his 2nd cousins and this was a great first time.
My cousin gave Seth a gift too he got a door frame bouncer thing-a-ma-jig. He loves it absolutely laughs and coos and talks the whole time in it. It’s so entertaining just too watch him in that thing.
Here are a few of the photos I took at the party…. 

gorgeous Red head…. B-day girl

Cake Time

these kids are playing close attention they are dealing with low blood sugar you know from braking the pinata (which we missed… bummer)

I had to take a close-up shot of this cake it was so purdy…

Birthday girl and her lolly pop

chasing the balloons down at a snail’s pace

One of my Nieces

He looks like such a mature kid here I think… I mean this boy is only 9 mos old for crying out loud.

haha… how sweet is he… caressing this little doll’s face. He doesn’t have anything like this at home so it was a new experience for him and for me. I love the look on his face

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