1.1.11 { around the house }

I have been playing around with Lightroom and I’ve found that I like the “Aged Photo” effect a lot. I applied it to some of the photos i took of my little guy today. I think it’s a great look. Especially awesome for photos that are taken in low light situations -it’s very forgiving.
I am really looking forward to warmer weather so that I can get outdoors with both Seth and my camera.

Seth and I made some cookies today, since we were cooped up inside all day long we needed a treat. He is not feeling so good coughing a lot and unable to get himself to unwind enough to take his naps… it’s just too sad. So after finally taking his first nap of the day, I decided to make some cookies and see how he likes them. We made chocolate macadamia nut cookies (which burnt a bit because I wasn’t paying attention) and peanut butter and peppermint bark cookies which were beyond yummy. Seth loved them.
Got some shots of the peanut butter cookies after they baked don’t they look so yummy?

2 Comments on “1.1.11 { around the house }

  1. Love the effect. I haven't used lightroom but I heard a lot of great stuff about it. Hrmmm, maybe I should get one… 🙂

  2. I am using their 30 day free trial. It's pretty spendy so I'm saving my money to get it later on. I really like it, I still don't know a lot about using it but it is more user friendly than anything else I've atempted.


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