Day 3…

After working 12 hours today, I came home to find my husband, son and 2 dogs chillin in the family room. I am then informed that we have a visitor. Whom do you think it is? None other than my parents Siberian Husky Koko. She actually escaped their back yard and walked over to our house (a 15 min. walk across busy roads). Since I couldn’t see her I was wondering where she was and Chris informed me that she was outside because Sunny our porkie was standing guard at the doggy door so she couldn’t get in. Even when I opened the door and called her in she wouldn’t come in until I pulled Sunny aside and quited him down.

Once I got her in the house I got the camera out:

Sunny is not a huge fan of Koko he is constantly watching her… it’s too cute.

did you say treat?

yup that is a treat…

so tempting…

that didn’t last long…

that was yummy!


I think that Yoda’s jealous of all the treats Koko got.

Koko howling… I love it!

looking after Koko…

precious loves of mine…

A few additional photos after Koko went home:

Like this effect a lot…

role reversal

french rattle

my fingers are so yummy

2 Comments on “Day 3…

  1. I love your bokeh shots! :)I can't believe Koko knows how to go to your house and crossed the streets! That is absolutely amazing!

  2. oh wow, your little man is SO cute. looks like he's about the same age as parker :)isn't photography fun? i've become addicted, & i get totally sad when a day goes by & i haven't gotten my camera out. i'm obsessed.


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