Great day….

This morning at 6:30 am I got called in to work at my favorite office, Mt.Scott Family Dental. This office has called me in before to cover vacations and every time I go I get such a warm greeting from the whole staff. They are truly one of a kind office. I’ve worked in many different places where the people are great but the office is not a quality dental office and vice versa, well I can definitely say that this office is a cut above the rest.
The quality of care and attention to detail is outstanding and the friendliness of the staff is truly genuine. I get excited for work every time I get called to return to this office. I will be there tomorrow as well and I’m looking forward to it, which is hard to believe because normally I wouldn’t want to leave Seth for anything in the world.
Well, on to baby Seth, so last night I put him down at 10 pm and was nervous about how he would sleep and how often he would wake up… but I had nothing to worry about, he slept straight through to 8 am. I actually left him asleep in his crib at 7:30 and his daddy took care of him. I am amazed at this turn of events it’s really all I can talk about with anyone who has a willing ear, especially my patients, well the mom’s anyway. 😉 I am hoping it’s not a fluke thing and it’s something that he has transitioned to as he is maturing. If he continues on like this I have to say that I feel extremely lucky and blessed because I did not have to do that whole “letting him cry thing”. Not that I haven’t tried but I would give up after 20 minutes, I was content to just let him get there in his own time. I mean I absolutely love my time with him and even in the middle of the night I feel like he is worth any lack of sleep because he’s my baby. I have loved every stage of his development so far, and at 6 mos. of age he is getting to be more fun every day. He is aware of so much more, you can tell even with food; he sees me eating or drinking something and he reaches out for it, I usually give him a taste and he seems to like it. He started getting solids right at 4 mos. very little at first and now he has one whole meal that is solids usually a madaline and a jar of bananas. I’ve tried other baby foods but have not found anything else that he likes. He’s also getting better at sitting up without a prop, he’s a little top heavy so his balance is not quite there but just a few more weeks and I don’t think I’ll have to worry about him toppling over anymore. I’m looking forward to that because then that will give me more photo opportunities and possibilities. I love photographing him.
Well that is all for today and hopefully next time I report in it will still be good news about Seth’s sleeping progress.
Goodnight and Happy Wednesday!

One Comment on “Great day….

  1. Oh wow! Congratulations on sleeping through the night little one! My little girl is still a terrible sleeper and would still wake up quite often. Can't wait to get there too.


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